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Alesse should not be used in children who have not had their first menstrual period; safety and effectiveness in these children have not been confirmed.

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Information about Alesse.

I you miss on activ pill, tak twpills on th day that you mmb. Thn tak on pill p day th st th pack.

In womn with hditay angiodma, xognous stogns may induc xacbat symptoms angiodma.

Tak 2 tablts as soon as mmbd and continu taking as schduld Altnativly, tak 2 tablts daily th nxt 2 days and continu taking as schduld Missd 3d wk cycl and patint is Sunday Stat: Tak 1 pill vy day until Sunday; discad st pack, and stat nw pack that sam day Missd 3d wk cycl and patint is day-1 stat: Discad st pack, and stat nw pack that sam day Us oth oms contacption nxt 7 days at missd dos until mnss occu Mnss may not occu this month; i mnss dnot occu 2 conscutiv months, contact halthca povid about possibility pgnancy.

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